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Interested in working at our farm? Here's what you need to know:

May 2024 Update: At this time we are not accepting any more applications. If you are interested in farm work next season (2025) say hello to us if you are out at the farm sometime.

We will start our hiring process for our 2025 season in April 2025. 

Seasonal Work: We offer seasonal positions during the strawberry harvest, typically from mid to late June, lasting 2 - 4 weeks depending on weather and crop conditions. Candidates with availability during this period are prioritized to ensure consistent participation. This benefits both our team and students who can effectively balance their academic responsibilities.


Availability and Hours: We prioritize hiring students but welcome all applicants. Shifts are available before school (starting at 6 am), during the day, after school, and on weekends. Daytime shifts may also be available for high school students during exam times. Applicants should be available for a minimum of 3 shifts lasting 3 hours each per week. Extended opportunities are available for other crop seasons and weekend work in September and October, prioritizing individuals who excel during the strawberry season.


Job Description: Primarily involves fruit picking, quality checking, packing, weeding, general cleanup, and customer assistance. Training is provided; no experience is necessary. Additionally, tasks may include:

  • General Farm Maintenance: Assisting with equipment upkeep and facility cleaning.

  • Market Preparation: Organizing displays and interacting with customers at our market.

  • Crop Irrigation: Participating in activities to ensure optimal crop growth.


Personal Requirements:

  • Enjoy practical work and willingness to adapt to various tasks.

  • Ability to handle physical demands and work in varying weather conditions.

  • Reliable and able to work independently or in a team.

  • Attention to detail with a commitment to high-quality work.

  • Willingness to learn and use the scheduling app "DEPUTY" (training provided).

  • Candidates who can represent themselves independently are prioritized due to customer interaction.


Benefits: Gain valuable skills including discipline, organization, teamwork, and customer service. Bi-weekly pay at student or adult minimum wage.


How to apply: e-mail a resume to


Special attention is given to applicants available for morning shifts.


We appreciate all candidates' efforts; however, only those closely matching our requirements will be contacted after the interview period, expected to conclude around April 21st, 2024.


We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

*We understand transportation limitations for morning shifts and accommodate where possible.


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