Corn Maize Labyrinth

The Corn Maze

Each year we plant and cut a 5-6 acre maze in a field of cattle corn. We keep our mazes on the smaller side so the whole family can participate and enjoy the adventure! There is a new theme to the maze each season. We never make the same maze twice!

Check back for the announcement of our 2021 maze theme!

Corn Maze Admission

2020 Fall Season Farm Admission:

  • $6.00/person 13yrs and up

  • $4.00/person 5-12yrs

  • 4 and under FREE

  • $3.50/person groups of 10+

Come prepared!

  • The maze will take anywhere from 45minutes-2hrs to complete depending on several factors; if you decide to complete all of the checkpoints, if you decide to exit early, who you are with (think small children)

  • Wear appropriate footwear - you will be walking through a farmers field, there will be mud if it's wet and the ground is bumpy and uneven

  • Wear layers -it's often warmer inside the maze and there is no breeze 

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult

  • Please stay on the paths (we can never repair the maze if you go off path)

  • Please don't pick the corn (or the cow's might be hungry) That's right, the corn grown for the maze is cattle corn, not the sweet corn that we are accustomed to eating.

  • No smoking please


Maze fun for all ages!

We welcome groups, families and individuals. Our busiest week-end tends to be around Thanksgiving when many families gather to have some outdoor fun.