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We enjoy watching children learn and have fun at our farm. Currently, we only offer tours in the fall season as it's difficult to match the beginning of our strawberry season with the end of the school year. (June) However, if the weather in the spring permits, we're happy to schedule visits then too.

Fall School Tours

How it works:


Our farm is proud to offer 2-hour school tours in the fall season where kids can pick their own pie-sized pumpkin, take in a short lesson on how pumpkins grow, enjoy a wagon ride and have a chance to go through the corn maze (guided or not). These tours are a great way for children to learn about farming, get some fresh air and have a fun experience. Our tours are geared toward students in K-gr3 however, we are happy to work with teachers to create experiences for older students as well!  

School tours are available September 18th-November 1st, 2024. We generally hold a morning tour session* and an afternoon tour session* to accommodate as many schools as possible within our fall season.

The cost for our tours is $7/student and we allow unlimited adult chaperones at no extra charge. 

*Generally, our morning sessions start when your school is able to arrive which depends on your school start time. Typically, we see the morning session start anywhere between 9 am-10 am. This allows the afternoon session to commence anywhere from 11:45 am-12 pm or after.

Please contact to book your school tour.


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