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08 Jul

Local eats!

In case you missed it, or you don't get a chance to come to the farm. You can find our strawberries and raspberries made into delicious products at some of our local stores. CARD'S BAKERY...

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05 Jul

Knee High by the 4th of July! I forgot to take the picture yesterday however, the corn is growing well now and soon, we'll be cutting our maze! This year's theme is SPACE!

Sunday July 5, 2015

Wow! We have seen so many familiar faces and so many new ones too, we feel overwhelmed with gratitude. We are taking one day off today as the strawberry and raspberry fields are still quite lovely however, they could use another day of sun to make the berries a little riper and sweeter. If you can't make it during the day, the BEST KEPT secret is to come in the evening. It's often cooler and less busy. We will be open right until 8pm on Monday...

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03 Jul

Friday July 3rd, 2015

Raspberries have just started! Picking is not heavy yet so, if you are looking for a large quantity, please wait a bit. Blue raspberries won't be ready for a week or so. Please remember, we...

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02 Jul

Don’t forget we’re closing early today!

Don't forget..we're closing at 1pm today for a little ripening....the berries have to be sweet to pass our strawberry inspector's test! We will re-open the strawberry patch from 8am-8pm tomorrow. Also....RASPBERRIES ARE READY! We will...

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01 Jul


We're open today from 8:00am to 4:00pm!  Beautiful strawberries but it's a little wet getting to the field.  Please wear your boots! If you would like the recipe, click here.

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30 Jun


I have a collection of recipes on my shelf for strawberry items that sit unused. We get so busy in the summer that I don't cook a whole lot. Don't get me wrong....we still have...

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27 Jun

Saturday June 27th, 2015

What a great day! We are brimming with gratitude for all of the customers, friends and staff who made it such a fantastic day at the farm.   This is our 10th year in operation and we...

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26 Jun

Friday June 26th – WOW!

Whew! The first day of summer vacation was a hit for lots of families today. We saw lots of farmilliar faces and lots of new ones too! We have GREAT picking for this coming week-end....

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23 Jun

“Berry Boots”

Despite the overcast day, these three did a fantastic job of picking and looking stylish! Look at the footwear, could they be any cuter?

Closed for the raspberry season! Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have supported us! We will see you in September for our corn maze and pick-your-own pumpkins!
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Our farming practices try to find a balance between modern farming technologies and low-impact biological methods: ensuring that we take care of our natural environment for future generations.

Please enjoy the fruits of our labour!

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