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Plan your visit

If you come prepared, having a fantastic day at the farm is effortless! To address any questions you may have, we have created a list of information, based on our years of experience in hosting visitors at the farm.

  • What are your prices/how do you charge for produce?
    We charge for strawberries, raspberries and blueberries by the Litre NOT by weight. Pick-your-own strawberries are $3.25/L Ready-picked strawberries (when available) are $6.25/L - sorry we do not take orders Pick-your-own raspberries: $4.50/L or 4.00/pint Ready-picked raspberries: $8.50/L - you may place an order by phone or e-mail when available Pick-your-own blueberries: $6.50/L or $6.00/pint Ready picked blueberries: $13/L or $12/pint -you may place an order by phone or e-mail Pick-your-own black currants $7/L or $6/pint - sorry, we do not ready pick these or take orders. Regular Peas: $1.25/L to pick your own Sugar Snap Peas: $2.00/L to pick your own
  • Should I bring containers?
    We have everything you need here. In fact, we prefer that you use our containers so that everyone gets a fair deal. Our containers are $1.00 each to purchase but you can bring them back and reuse them for a lifetime!** Our baskets are made of #5 recyclable plastic so you can also put them in your blue box. Treat them like re-usable shopping bags/boxes! **We encourage you to bring your baskets from previous visits or any containers you have that are clearly marked with Litres by the manufacturer and that the cashiers will not have to handle to be able to read
  • Do I need to wash my produce?
    All produce could use a quick rinse just before using it, if desired, to get rid of any residual soil/dust from pickers hands, field conditions and transportation around the farm. Produce keeps best if you don't wash until your are ready to use it. We recommend not washing raspberries or, if you wish to, wait until immediately before use, as they mold very quickly. We do not recommend storing wet raspberries. (one of the reasons we try not to pick them on a rainy day) **If you must store wet fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) your best chance is to spread the wet fruit on a couple of layers of paper towels in a single layer not touching each other, in the fridge.
  • When do the tractors and wagons run?
    We only use our tractors and wagons to transport customers to and from our strawberry fields as some areas of the farm can be a bit of a walk, especially when you are trying to carry multiple full baskets of strawberries! In our raspberry and blueberry patches, you can park right at the field and walk in so we do not use tractor/wagon transportation there. Typically, we try and run our tractors and wagons in the morning when the farm is busiest which means we can access the furthest fields first. Later in the day when the farm is quiet means that you may have to walk to and from the fields however, we do have staff and/or hand pulled wagons to assist in transporting multiple baskets to and from the fields if the larger tractor and wagon is not running.
  • Can I order ready picked strawberries/raspberries/blueberries?
    We are delighted to offer you freshly picked, juicy strawberries straight from our fields. Due to high demand and limited staff, we often sell out quickly, and we do not take advance orders. To ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy our delicious strawberries, we may limit each guest to one or two baskets per visit. We understand that this may be frustrating, but we want to ensure that our customers have a fair chance to purchase our products.
  • Do you offer wholesale prices?
    We do not offer wholesale pricing.
  • Do you take orders for produce?
    Due to the unpredictable nature of our crop conditions and daily operating hours, we cannot accept advance orders for strawberries at this time. Raspberries and Blueberries may be advance ordered by phone or e-mail. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we strive to provide you with the best possible service.
  • Do you have washrooms?
    We have portable toilets available for customer use on site, we ask that you plan ahead and use the washroom before leaving home so we can keep our usage to a minimum.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We can accept cash or debit, sorry no credit. We will accept cheques from organizations or business.
  • Is there parking?
    Yes, we have lots of space for parking just inside our main farm gates, on the grass.
  • Can I bring my pet to the farm?
    All pets are welcome, on a leash and picked up after. We ask that you PLEASE be respectful of the fact that not everyone will love your pet and refrain from letting your pets visit other customers or their pets while on the farm. Pets are permitted on our roadways but not in the produce picking fields for sanitary reasons. Please plan to bring a friend or family member to mind your pet if you wish to enter the fields to pick produce** **It is popular with our customers to bring their pets in the fall for a walk through the corn maze and we will allow pets into our pumpkin patch.
  • Do you sell snacks or have a concession stand?
    We have an independent hot dog vendor that is available on-farm most days in June, and weekends in September and October. The farm does not provide refreshments or snacks at this time. There is a Tim Horton's and a chip truck located approximately 3 km's from the farm at the Code's Corner gas station. You are also welcome to bring your own snacks from home, we simply ask that the wrappings/garbage goes home with you as well.
  • What should I wear?
    When you come to our farm, we suggest dressing in comfortable clothing suitable for walking or hiking. It's a good idea to layer up for cooler weather, and don't forget to wear a hat for sun protection. When it comes to footwear, we recommend sneakers or hiking boots rather than expensive shoes. Keep in mind that you might get a little dirty, so it's best to wear practical clothes that you won't mind getting dirty. Our focus is on having fun, so come as you are and dress for success, not to impress!
  • When are you open?
    The operational hours of our farm will fluctuate based on the crop and weather conditions. Our picking hours are revised daily during the peak season and made available by 6 am. Nevertheless, unforeseen weather conditions can affect our schedule, so it is recommended to confirm the latest hours before visiting the farm to avoid any possible disappointment. JUNE/JULY/EARLY AUGUST: check here for daily availability/hours SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: We welcome private schools and groups to our facility from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays, certain local P.A. days, and Thanksgiving Monday, we are open to everyone from 10am to 4pm. Click here for today's hours and availability.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Unfortunately, we don't offer delivery at this time.
  • Are children allowed on the farm?
    Absolutely! Our farm is a family-friendly environment and we welcome visitors of all ages, including children. We believe that exposing children to farm life is a great way for them to learn about agriculture and where their food comes from. Plus, there's plenty of fresh air and wide-open spaces for them to run around and have fun!
  • Is there an admission fee?
    Quick answer: June/July/early Aug = NO September and October = YES We welcome you to our farm during the strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry seasons, and we only ask that you pay for the berries that you pick. In order to ensure that we can continue to provide this wonderful experience for all, we kindly request that those who plan to visit the farm are accompanied by a paying customer. Thank you for your understanding and support! In the fall season, the admission fee to the farm is a-maize-ing value for all the fun you'll have!
  • Is your farm wheelchair/stroller accessible?
    While our farm does not have a traditional paved path, we strive to make our grounds as accessible as possible for visitors of all abilities. Please be aware that due to the natural terrain of our farm, there may be areas where mud and uneven surfaces could pose a challenge for wheelchair or stroller users.The farm terrain is also not well suited to lighter weight (those with small wheels umbrella type) strollers. However, we are always happy to work with visitors to ensure they can safely and comfortably enjoy their visit to our farm. Please let us know if you have any specific accessibility needs, and we will do our best to accommodate them.
  • Is there public transportation that goes to the farm?
    No. The closest public transportation stop is approximately 10 km's south of the farm on Innovation Dr or, if you prefer to come across Kingston Mills, approximately 13km's to the Montreal Street/401 transit stop. We do have several visitors via bicycle but it's a bit far to walk from the bus stop to our farm...especially if you're carrying a pumpkin!
  • Are you an organic farm?
    No, we do not have an organic certification. Our farming practices try to find a balance between modern farming technologies and low-impact biological methods, ensuring that we take care of our natural environment for future generations.
  • How do I know when a crop is available?
    We will let you know by updating our "today's availability" page however in general: Strawberries are available mid-late June and early July. Raspberries are available in the month of July Blueberries are typically available by the second/third week of July and end usually by the first week of July. In August the farm is closed to transition and prepare for the fall season. Pumpkins/Squash and Gourds/Decorative Corn Stalks/Straw Bales are available mid-September until the end of October while quantities last Honey is available starting in late June until the end of October while quantities last. Preserves are available, in limited quantities as they are made seasonally. We sometimes grow other crops such as sunflowers and peas for our pick your own customers. We will announce if/when we have these items available.
  • Are you open when it's raining?
    The short answer: YES, with a few exceptions... The farm stays open rain or shine however, we will clear the fields or close the farm when there is lightening or other severe weather for the safety of our staff and visitors. We MAY also decide to close the farm/change hours in raspberry season if there is a hard rain. Raspberries don't do well when picked wet, they tend to mould right away!
  • What age is the corn maze appropriate for?
    All ages! We run a family-friendly themed maze each season and encourage the whole family to attend. With that in mind, the maze can take as little as 20 minutes or several hours depending on how determined your group is.
  • What does the fall admission to the farm include?
    The cost of admission covers a tractor and wagon excursion, a walk through the corn maze, and entrance to the pumpkin patch and a small play area for children. However, any pumpkins, squash, or gourds picked requires a separate purchase.
  • Do I have to enter the farm/pay admission if I just want to purchase a pumpkin or other farm goods?
    No. We have arranged a farm stand outside the entrance of our farm, catering to customers who simply wish to stop by and purchase autumnal decorations or other farm products.
  • How much do you charge for pumpkins?
    TBA for 2023
  • What is the cost of admission to the farm in September and October?
    Our 2023 fall farm admission is: $6.00/ Adult $4.00/ Child (12 and under) Children 4yrs and under are FREE Family Rate $20 for 2 adults and up to 4 children Group Rate for groups of 15 or more is $3.50 each.
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