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What  methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or debit. Sorry no credit. Cheques will be accepted from Schools and/or organized groups/businesses.

What are the prices/how do you charge for your produce?

  • Strawberries - by the litre basket - 2020 Pick-your-own $3.00/L       $6.25/L for Ready Picked.

  • Raspberries- by the litre basket - 2020 TBA

  • Blueberries - by the litre basket - 2020 Pick-your-own 5.50/L or 3.00/pint

**We encourage you to use our baskets which can be purchased at the farm for $1.00 each (or .25/L or pint container) and then re-used every year! Or you can bring your own containers that are measured in litres, clearly marked by the manufacturer so our cashiers will not have to handle them***

  • Pumpkins/Squash- by weight - 2020 prices are TBA

  • 2020 Fall Season Farm Admission: 

  • $6.00/person 13 yrs and up

  • $4.00/person 5-12 yrs

  • 4 and under FREE

  • $3.50/person groups of 10 or more

Are dogs allowed on the farm?

Yes! On a leash please.

Do you have washrooms?

We have portable toilets available for customer use on site, we ask that you plan ahead and use the washroom before leaving home so we can keep our usage to a minimum.

Do I need to bring my own containers?

We have everything you need here. In fact, we prefer that you use our containers so that everyone gets a fair deal. Our containers are $1.00 to purchase but you can reuse them for a lifetime! Our baskets are made of #5 recyclable plastic so you can also put them in your blue box. We will not be able take back unwanted containers this year.
**You will be allowed to bring your own baskets from previous visits or any containers you have that are clearly marked by the manufacturer and that the cashiers will not have to handle to be able to read***

Do you offer delivery services?

At this time, we are unable to offer home delivery services. 

Do I need to wash my produce?

All produce could use a quick rinse just before using it, if desired, to get rid of any residual soil/dust from pickers hands, field conditions and transportation around the farm. Produce keeps best if you don't wash until your are ready to use. We recommend not washing raspberries or, if you wish to, wait until immediately before use, as they mold very quickly. We do not recommend storing wet raspberries. (one of the reasons we try not to pick them on a rainy day)

**If you must store wet fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) your best chance is to spread the wet fruit on a couple of layers of paper towels in a single layer not touching each other, in the fridge.

Is your farm wheelchair/ stroller accessible?

No, but we try our best to accommodate our visitors needs. The farm terrain is not well suited to lighter weight (those with small wheels) strollers or wheel chairs.

Do you sell refreshments?

We have an outside vendor who sells hot dogs/drinks on week-ends (weather permitting).

What other facilities can we expect to find at the farm?

We have a small playground and picnic tables for customers to use. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we ask that customers practice social distancing when using these facilities. We have posted reminder signs and suggested number limits per area.

Is there public transportation to the farm?

No. The closest public transportation stop is approximately 10 km's south of the farm on hwy 15 at the STARTECK building or, if you prefer to come across Kingston Mills, approximately 13km's to the Montreal Street/401 transit stop. We do have several visitors via bicycle but it's a bit far to walk from the bus stop to our farm...especially if you're carrying a pumpkin!


Parking is free. Special needs parking is available close to the strawberry booth. Due to pedestrian traffic and car volume, to access special needs parking  on weekends or busier times, please drive up to the Farm gate and ask our greeter to direct you.

“What if I’m coming for Pick-Your-Own Blueberries or Raspberries?” you may be wondering.

Easy…for blueberries, enter at the main farm entrance, but follow the arrows to the patch instead of driving towards the farm stand! For pick-your-own raspberries, WATCH for the signs immediately as you turn onto Hughes road. Our raspberry patch is located on a different part of the farm from all of our other crops.

Have a question that wasn’t on the list? Call us, e-mail us or facebook message us  today and we’ll be happy to be of assistance.

(613) 548-3378

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