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  • Christine Paul

Wow! It's been really warm!

The weather has been extremely warm these past couple of days which has been a bit tricky for growing strawberries however, it has helped move up the timeline of opening up our doors for pick your own! All of a sudden we're seeing red everywhere! Not all of our fields are ready as we are really just seeing this in our earlier varieties but there are some small fields that will support a picking or two. Therefore, we will be opening the pick-your-own field on Friday evening (June 11th, 2021) from 4pm-8pm. (evening hours are due to the fact the the majority of our staff are still in school!)

We will also be opening for pick-your-own Saturday morning from 8am-picked out. **Please note that we will also have our new strawberry drive through open. We will not be able to accept orders for week-ends however, if you phone and leave us a message, we may be able to accommodate you throughout the week.

The early varieties are a smaller portion of our overall crop so we will not be able to support long picking hours until our next variety is ready....which shouldn't take too long in this warm weather!

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