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  • Christine Paul

Wednesday, June 23rd

Our pick your own strawberry fields will be open today from 8am until 8pm. We are over half way through our season now so the strawberries are getting smaller in size but just as lovely tasting! You just might find that it's a little more work to fill your basket.

Thursday, we plan to be open 8am and likely all day until 6pm* Please double check tomorrow morning for updates

Friday we will be open at 8am

Saturday and Sunday hours are TBA.

Our strawberry drive thru will be open for sales of ready picked strawberries from 8am-6pm today. We have been experiencing an overwhelming demand for picked berries and are trying hard to keep the drive-thru supplied however there may be wait times for a basket, especially in the morning. We will place a 1 basket limit on drive-thru orders at peak times to try and give everyone a chance to get some. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept pre-orders for strawberries at this stage in our season.

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