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  • Christine Paul

Tuesday, July 6th 2021

Don't forget your boots or old shoes if you are coming to the farm today! We had an amazing rain last night and the ground will be wet for a while this morning.

We will be at the farm this morning between 8am-12pm. We will allow pickers into our strawberry fields if you would still like to pick. (We know we said we were finished, but we just keep finding that there are some really lovely berries in the field!) You WILL have to work to fill your baskets. (Translation: please don't come expecting to pick 10 baskets!!)

There are no ready picked strawberries for sale.

Blueberries are looking good, and it looks like we will open them up for non-appointment picking towards the end of the week. If you are interested in picking just a small quantity, you may make come along today between the hours of 8am-11:30am today or make an appointment for Wednesday or Thursday morning by calling or e-mailing us. You may also pre-order small quantities of ready picked blueberries for pick up this week. *Please note we can not typically accommodate same day requests as we often don't get to checking our e-mail or phone messages until after we are closed for the day.

Raspberries are not available for pick your own this year however, you can order ready-picked raspberries by calling 613-548-3378 or using the contact form on our website. (Sorry, we are typically not able to accommodate same day requests as we do not get to checking our messages/e-mails until later in the day)

Sunflowers are starting to open up. We will have a few at our stand each day with numbers increasing toward the end of the week.

Wednesday-Thursday we will likely be open at 8am for "light" blueberry picking appointments (see above), raspberry/blueberry order pick up and, if they are available strawberry picking too. Sorry, we no longer have ready picked strawberries available.

Friday and Saturday hours and crop conditions TBA

We update this blog and our phone message (613-548-3378) daily by 6am so you can find out what's going on each day. Please make a habit of checking before you head out the door as hours can change due to weather or crop conditions.

Photo Credit: KV-V

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