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  • Christine Paul

Thursday June 17th

The day looks sunny and we are hoping to be able to stay open right until 8pm tonight however, if we get a really large crowd this morning, our closing time may change. We will update this blog early this afternoon (between 1-3pm).

If you are thinking about heading to the farm later in the day, please check this blog or call 613-548-3378 before coming as we always try and give 1 hour notice if closing early. (please don't forget to refresh your browser page)

Friday morning we will be open at 8am however, our closing time is uncertain at this time, it will not likely be an all day pick. We will give you an update by 6am tomorrow on this blog.

Saturday and Sunday hours are TBA.

The strawberry drive-thru is open from 8am-8pm for sales of ready picked strawberries. It is better stocked later in the day (after 4pm) as we have a larger crew of after-school staff to help us out. During the day, we have been experiencing wait times. Larger orders of 3+baskets may not be able to be accommodated until after 4pm.

Information about prices and more FAQ here

Directions to the farm here

photo credit: Morgane Perraud

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