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  • Christine Paul

Saturday, July 3rd 2021

Please read all of the information below before coming to the farm to avoid any disappointment.

We will open at 8am until we are picked out or 1pm. The picking will not be easy today, as this is the last time for the year we will open our pick your own strawberry fields. **This is only an opportunity to have a last pick of fresh strawberries for your table. This is not the day to try and fill a bunch of baskets. The picking is slow and it will be work to fill baskets. We do not recommend this as an activity for small children as you will require patience to fill a basket. it would also be a good idea to wear boots or old shoes today as the farm is wet from yesterdays rain.

Sorry, there are no more ready picked strawberries available this season.

Please read our COVID 19 protocols here before heading to our farm.

Raspberries will not be available at our farm this year. Paulridge Berry Farm will have raspberry picking when the season starts.

Our next season will be blueberry season. We expect to be picking them by mid July. Please watch this blog or phone 613-548-3378 for details of picking days and times.

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