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  • Christine Paul

***10:00 am update: Pick your own OPEN Tuesday (rain or shine) at 8 am-4pm!

Update as of 10 am: We will stay open until 4pm as we don't have a crowd due to the rain. Picking is nice however the fields are wet and the paths are muddy. Please come prepared and dress accordingly. The last pickers will be admitted to the field no later than 3:30pm. See below for ready picked information.

Original post: We will be open for pick your own strawberries today starting at 8am and likely be there until most of the day. We don't expect a crowd today due to the weather conditions. Please check back as we will update our blog and our phone message around noon again today to let you know how the afternoon hours look and what our closing time will be. (It is determined and will change, depending on how many ripe berries we have/weather/crowds). Don't worry, we have TONS of strawberries to ripen yet and there are longer picking days ahead!

We will be open every day this week at 8am and please check back daily for closing hours. We only have so many ripe strawberries each day!

Our strawberry drive-thru is open for sales of ready picked strawberries until 8pm tonight. Later in the day, after 4pm is a great time to come. Often there is no wait time and I get a fresh crew of pickers in as they are finished school for the day!

Photo credit: Oliver Hale

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