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  • Christine Paul

Pick your own open Monday at 8am...wear your boots!

We finally had some much needed rain last night however, it means that the roadways getting to and from the fields will be muddy. Please don't wear your best shoes! We will have wagons running to get you to and from the fields today. Picking conditions will be lighter today meaning, filling large quantities of baskets might take you quite a bit movement and time but possible If you are willing!

We will update our blog and phone message around noon to let you know what time we will close today. Please check back here or call 613-548-3378 before heading to the farm to make sure we are still open past noon if you were planning an afternoon pick. We had a large crowd both Saturday and Sunday and we will need to assess the quantity of available picking.

Our strawberry drive through will be open today from 8am-7:30pm for you to purchase ready-picked strawberries. There may be wait times in the morning as it is a very popular time to come!

We will be open at 8am every day this week however, we will have to update you on our closing hours as we go along. Strawberries ripen quite quickly on hot sunny days and I'm quite sure we will have after noon hours of operation in the pick your own fields this week. Stay tuned for our daily updates!

Photo credit: Justus Menke

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