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  • Christine Paul

Open Sunday 9 am-4 pm*

We will be open 9am -4pm today. *Please always check for updates before you come as things can change if we get a really large crowd in the morning. We update here on our blog and our phone message (613-548-3378)

frequently if there are changes throughout the day.

We do not accept orders for strawberries on the week-ends however, our strawberry drive thru will be open where you can purchase ready picked strawberries. If you are looking for a larger order (more than 5 baskets), please give us a call and leave us your name and number. We will do our best to accommodate you during the week.

We also plan to be open every day this week starting at 8am. You will have to check back daily to see the picking times as it's been very hot and that can change things quickly!

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