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  • Christine Paul

Monday, June 28th, 2021

Our pick your own strawberry fields are open today from 8am until 4pm*. This is the last week for picking strawberries and, as is natural, the strawberries will be smaller in size and slower for picking this week. This is not the week to try and fill your freezer, simply a great time to enjoy the activity and get a basket or two!

*Please make sure to check this website or phone before heading out the door if you are planning on coming after 12pm today. Occasionally, we need to shorten our hours of operation due to crowds or being picked out.

We will try to supply our ready-picked drive-thru with fresh picked strawberries today from 8am-4pm as well however, there will be a limited number of baskets available as the picking slows. We are unable to take pre-orders for strawberries at this stage in our season. If we have a lineup of cars, we may limit each car to 1, 4L basket to try and ensure everyone can have a taste! (first thing in the morning is always a busy time)

Tuesday open at 8am

Wednesday-Friday hours are TBA

Information about prices and more FAQ here

Directions to the farm here

Photo Credit: Sebastian Coman

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