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  • Christine Paul

We're waiting for things to dry up a little!

Our new strawberry plants arrived Wednesday this week from Nova Scotia. Hopefully, the rain forecast will hold off long enough to get them planted! To give you an idea we can plant approximately 2-2.5 acres/day, and that is with a tractor! We have a total of 8 new acres going in! A new (to us) variety called Audrey as well.

What initially looked like it was going to be an early start to the season with the warm weather in early April has quickly changed to likely a normal mid-June start. We will keep you posted.

We will be operating with approximately 13 acres of strawberries this season (we like to have 15-20) however you can't always rely on a crop to be successful! Due to such high demand, our operating hours for the pick-your-own portion of the day may have to be flexible.

Some of the changes this strawberry season will mostly be reflected in the ready picked area and with our enhanced Covid protocols for staff and customers.

Happy Spring,


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