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  • Christine Paul

Friday June 18th and Saturday June 19th.

The pick your own fields will be open 8am-12pm today. There is some rain in the forecast so please dress accordingly!

Saturday, we will be open at 8am and we will update tomorrow morning for closing hours after we are able to asses the crop conditions later today.

We do plan to be open on Sunday if we have enough strawberries ripe and ready for picking as well!

Ready Picked Strawberries: Our strawberry drive thru will be open Friday 8am-8pm. We have put a 4L limit on drive thru-orders for today as we have been struggling to keep up with demand would like to try and supply as many people as possible. There will certainly be wait times today as we have asked many people to return this morning who did not want to have the wait times yesterday.

**If you can wait until later in the day (after 4pm) to come to the drive-thru we will have more student helpers picking for us when they are finished their school day and you will not have to wait as long or at all! We are unable to accept pre-orders for strawberries at this time. We also plan on having the strawberry drive thru open this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

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