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  • Christine Paul

Friday, July 9 2021-open rain or shine!

Don't forget to wear your boots or old shoes today, the farm is wet from all of the rain we've been having! We are open this morning for light blueberry picking, no appointment necessary from 8am-12pm (OR until our rows are filled) please see below for more information.

Saturday and Sunday hours are TBA and we will update according to crop availability after today's pick.

Blueberries are looking good although the picking is still light. You may come to pick on Friday without an appointment. We will open at 8am and close at noon or when our rows are full. These are half height blueberry bushes and closer in size to wild blueberries rather than high bush cultivated. You will need some patience to pick these. We charge by the litre or pint and you may bring your own containers if they are ones you have already gotten from us or are clearly marked with litres. We can also provide you with containers here. We have a limited number of milk crates here you may use to sit on or feel free to bring your own chair as the bushes average in height from 3-4ft. You may also order small quantities of ready picked blueberries by phoning or e-mailing us. *Please note we can not typically accommodate same day requests as we often don't get to checking our e-mail or phone messages until after we are closed for the day.

Strawberries are finished for this season.

Raspberries are not available for pick your own this year however, you can order smaller quantities (sorry no flats) of ready-picked raspberries by calling 613-548-3378 or using the contact form on our website. (Sorry, we are typically not able to accommodate same day requests as we do not get to checking our messages/e-mails until later in the day)

Sunflowers are starting to open up. We will have a few at our stand each day with numbers increasing into next week.

We update this blog and our phone message (613-548-3378) daily by 6am daily so you can find out what's going on. Please make a habit of checking before you head out the door as hours can change due to weather or crop conditions.

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