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  • Christine Paul

Farm Closed Saturday

We are enjoying every minute of this rainy day that our crops and fields so desperately need. We will be closed at the farm today and re-open the pick your own fields on Monday at 8am. (*see below)

Sunday - Ready picked strawberries are available at our drive thru between 9am-12pm. If you just need a basket, this will be a good day to pick one up. Our staff will do their best to try and supply our stand with fresh, ready picked strawberries for you. The demand has been very high so, if there is a long line, we may have to limit customers to a maximum of 4L each.

Monday- We will be open for pick-your-own strawberries at 8am - 4pm or picked out. We will give customers 1 hour notice of our closing time if we have to close before 4pm. Please always check here or call 613-548-3378 before heading out the door to avoid any disappointment. We will also have our strawberry drive-thru open for sales of ready picked strawberries 8am-4pm. *This is our last week of picking so the picking is slower now. There are still lovely strawberries to pick however they will be smaller in size and it will take longer to fill your baskets. We suggest a 1-2 basket pick. This is not the week to try and fill 10 baskets!

Tuesday - Friday: We will announce as we go along in the week. This is our last week of picking and we do not expect to have many strawberries for Canada Day as is typical due to the early start of our season this year.

Information about prices and more FAQ here

Directions to the farm here

Photo credit: Laurene Gicquel

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