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  • Christine Paul

Canada Day at the Farm - Pick your own strawberries. (ready picked finished for season)

Please check this blog or phone 613-548-3378 before heading out the door tomorrow as we may have to change our plans due to weather. We will update here and on the phone message by 6am tomorrow morning.

We are planning to have our pick your own strawberry fields open July 1st starting at 8am and closing when we are picked out. (likely by noon) Typically, Canada Day is quite busy for us, please understand their may be wait times to get into the fields due to social distancing protocols. The picking conditions are not favourable for more than a basket or two as this MAY BE OUR LAST DAY of picking. It will require effort to fill your baskets and is not likely a great activity for smaller children with limited patience levels.

Likely this will be the last pick of strawberries for this season. (We may be able to squeeze one more on Friday pending weather and crowd conditions)

Our ready-picked strawberry drive thru is now closed for the season and we are no longer offering ready picked strawberries for sale.

The next crop we will have available will be blueberries in approximately mid July. We will not have a raspberry crop for picking this year.

We will not have raspberries available at our farm however, you can find raspberries for picking at Paulridge Berry Farm. Please check their website for picking times and dates as they are not quite in season yet.

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