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01 Sep

It’s September!

Even though it REALLY doesn't feel like it, we're only 22 days away from the 1st day of fall and do you know what that means to us? Check out what's happening here!

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26 Jul

Wheat time!

I love the look of the golden wheat and the symmetry of the rows of straw and the round bales left behind. All of the wheat is trucked away and sold. The bales of straw...

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18 Jul


The rumors are true! We finally have some blueberries for picking! The plants are still quite small but they have a very nice crop of blueberries on them this year so we've decided to let...

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03 Jul

It’s Raspberry Time!

The crop is looking great! The picking will be great for the next couple of weeks! Please check ahead of coming as hours can vary.

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23 Jun

Fun on the Farm!

We have had such fun over the last couple of days! Hope to see everyone soon!

Father’s Day!

We are starting to see loads of lovely strawberries ripening! Come and pick a basket or two for your Dad, have a wagon ride and enjoy the music of  Roger James while you do it! We have listed our hours of operation as Sunday from 10am-12pm however, we will stay open longer if there are still lots of berries to pick! We anticipate being open every morning this week at 8am. See you soon!  

First Pick!

Update June 14th, 2016...Our berry crop is starting to ripen up nicely! We will have a SMALL pick on Thursday morning (June 16th) from 8am - 12pm as we just have a very SMALL section of field that is ready enough to be picked. We will be closed on Friday and Saturday and re-open on Sunday morning (June 19th) at 10am - 12pm. The picking is not plentiful yet however, if you want a basket it shouldn't take too long! If you are looking for...

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26 May

30 days and counting….

The strawberries have been in blossom for several days now and do you know what that means? IT MEANS we will be enjoying fresh Ontario strawberries starting somewhere in between the 17th and 22nd of...

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29 Apr

Out of Hibernation!

We've actually been out of hibernation for a while but, I always forget how busy we get all of a sudden! Mother Nature has provided us with some glorious days which has enabled us to...

In case you missed it…

In case you didn't make it out to the corn maze this season, or if you were in the maze and didn't make it out the "official" exit here is the real thing. A big thank you to SEAN MARSHALL for taking the photo with his incredible flying machine!   Corn Maze 2015


We have finished with our 2017 growing season. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a great success!

See you spring 2018 for STRAWBERRIES!

Follow our twitter feed for hours and conditions:

You can also phone the berry info line:


Farming is more than a job for us - it is our way of life. Our family strives to grow healthy fresh fruits and vegetables for your family.

Our farming practices try to find a balance between modern farming technologies and low-impact biological methods: ensuring that we take care of our natural environment for future generations.

Please enjoy the fruits of our labour!

Berry Info: 613-548-3378
Address: 3208 Hughes Road, Kingston
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