A note of thanks…

We had the honour of being interviewed by back in May for the June/July issue of Kinston Life Magazine (see link for article). The pictures for the article were shot by Scott Adamson. We were thrilled to get some of the extra shots from the photo shoot today, as a gift from him! What a considerate surprise! After such a busy time of year, I often feel like I never see my kids and now we have these beautiful memories! We will be framing them to hang...

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24 Aug

What's happening now.

Many of you may have thought that we have gone away on vacation...not true! (Well maybe a mini overnight to Montreal) The farm is always closed in August, that is, at least for a few...

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25 Jul


I know you all think that I'm probably a little nuts for a)running out in the pouring rain to take pictures and b)blogging about it however, today's soaking has put Ken and I in a...

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20 Jul

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Here are some images from around the farm this past week.  

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08 Jul

The magic and deliciousness of the season.

Ken's grandfather (Ken Sr.) has a saying for everything. One that particularly stands out at this time of year is "knee high by the 4th of July" which for all not in the know refers...

Apologies to the “Blue” fans.

Just a quick note to let the blue raspberry fans know that they may be out of luck this year. The blue raspberries looked so promising this spring however, the wet weather did take it's toll and it looks like we will only have a few to share....we'll just have to convert you back to red fans...that's mother nature for you!

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06 Jul

Behind the operation.

Now that we have slowed down a little from our daily strawberry picking hours to shorter half days, for raspberry picking, I have had a bit of down time to go over the past couple...

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28 Jun

Strawberry Shortcake Anyone?

This past week-end we held our 5th annual Strawberry Celebration. It was a great success despite the on and off rain showers! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the festivities with us. The...

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25 Jun

5th Annual Strawberry Festival!

I can't describe how much fun we had today! Here are a few pictures instead ....   Face painting   What a blast....day two tomorrow!

We made the news!

It's always very exciting to us when we get to see our name in a newspaper, hear our name on the radio or even better yet see ourselves on T.V. and that is exactly what happened today! The lovely Melissa Duggan from our local CKWS television station came to the farm on Monday and taped a segment...and tonight it came to Fruition! (sorry I couldn't help that one) It was so exciting! Ken got to talk about the strawberries and the farm and our good...

Closed. Our Corn Maze and Fall pumpkin patch will open on Saturday September 23rd and be open every Saturday and Sunday until the end of October!

Our strawberry, raspberry and blueberry seasons have finished for this year.

Follow our twitter feed for hours and conditions:

You can also phone the berry info line:


Farming is more than a job for us - it is our way of life. Our family strives to grow healthy fresh fruits and vegetables for your family.

Our farming practices try to find a balance between modern farming technologies and low-impact biological methods: ensuring that we take care of our natural environment for future generations.

Please enjoy the fruits of our labour!

Berry Info: 613-548-3378
Address: 3208 Hughes Road, Kingston
Email: christine@fruition.ca
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