Class & Group Visits

Educational Goals

  1. To enhance the learning experiences teachers offer in their classroom by providing experiential, place-based lessons and activities for their students.
  2. To introduce students and the community to understanding the workings of a local farm and food source and it’s surrounding environment.
  3. Inspire young people to be adventurous eaters and to develop curiosity about where their food comes from.


September and October

This fall, our farm will once again welcome several classes each week for field trips. Our curriculum adapts each season to the rhythms of the planting,  harvesting, regeneration and use of it’s bounty. It is this vibrant cycle, and the many phases within it that we share with visiting students. It is our vision to encourage inquiring minds, build relationships with the community and strengthen the love and appreciation for growing food locally.

The Farm is open to visiting groups and classes Monday through Friday for morning or afternoon visits. Some alternative days are available so please contact the farm if you are interested in other days. The farm is open to the general public every Saturday and Sunday in September and October.

A typical class visit will include a 15 min. – 1 hour (age based) outdoor lesson, a chance to “get lost” in our corn maze, a tractor drawn wagon ride, time to play on our straw bales and eat a snack or lunch in our outdoor picnic area.

We will provide you with any necessary pre-visit activities and a “what to bring” list.

Sample Lessons



We have no formal lesson plans for June as we can NEVER predict when the strawberries will start. It has been as early as June 9th and as late as the 21st. We just don’t know until Mother Nature tells us in later May or early June when the first day will be! HOWEVER, we LOVE kids and schools at the farm and we will always welcome bookings and work with you to develop a fun and educational class trip. Just give us a call!


Other Groups

Are you involved with an organization (Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, Youth Group, etc.)? We would be happy to plan a program designed to suit your group’s interests and needs utilizing the unique seasonal opportunities here at Fruition Berry Farm.

To arrange for a class trip or group reservation, please contact:

Christine Paul   613-548-3378