Now is prime picking time for Raspberries! Don’t worry if you can’t get here for one of our morning picks during the week, we have week-end hours and every once in a while, an evening pick too! Please watch as our hours change according to weather and crop conditions! As you can see from the picture below, raspberries don’t ripen all at the same time:

This enables us to pick usually until close to the end of July. It also means that occasionally we need to close for a day or two in between pickings so that more can ripen. Mother Nature is truly our boss!

When you do get here for your raspberries, here are a few ideas on how to use them:

Stuffed with chocolate chips:


Another favourite is PAVLOA. We have a lovely neighbour who brings us farm fresh eggs and this is a great use for them!

Here is one I made last night….I might have eaten a few corners off of it before I took the picture. Today, I am going to simply mash up some fresh raspberries for the top and perhaps a little whipped cream too!




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We have finished with our 2017 growing season. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a great success!

See you spring 2018 for STRAWBERRIES!

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You can also phone the berry info line:


Farming is more than a job for us - it is our way of life. Our family strives to grow healthy fresh fruits and vegetables for your family.

Our farming practices try to find a balance between modern farming technologies and low-impact biological methods: ensuring that we take care of our natural environment for future generations.

Please enjoy the fruits of our labour!

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