Applesauce and not quite rainy days.

I thought I would take advantage of this rainy morning (ok it’s just cloudy now) to update our blog as I wait for my next batch of applesauce to cook. I’m feeling a little guilty about not opening the corn maze today due to the weather!

Lilly and I harvested a few apples from the trees in our orchard this week. There are just a few that produced fruit on them this year! If you have not been following this blog or the news, the apple crop in most parts of Ontario, New York and Michigan has been affected due to an early spring frost. Unfortunately, it means that we will not be opening for pick-your-own apples this year BUT we will have a few out for sale at the booth area while quantities last!

Fresh batch of applesauce!

As usual, our dear Mrs. Paddle has been hard at work making us salsas, relishes, pickles and all other manner of preserves which will be available while quantities last!

For those of you who have not been out to the farm this fall, don’t worry, there is lots of time yet! Our opening week-end was just last week-end and we are planning on being open every week-end until the end of October! (see our regular hours on the sidebar)

We have all been busy in the past weeks doing this and that to get ready for the corn maze season. Mostly, we have been waiting to see how tall the corn would grow! It was a challenge for the corn to get enough moisture this summer, yet it grew despite it’s lack of water! (Our theme for this year’s maze is “Around the World”)

The pumpkins have also fruited and are ripening nicely so we will open the pick-your-own patch every week-end in October!!! There are some available for early sale at the booth area now.

I am also excited to share and hear your feedback on a new variety of pumpkin that we have grown this year called “Snackface” . It is a variety that grows¬†with hulless seeds that can be roasted. I have already tried roasting the seeds out of a couple and they have been a hit in our household.

"Snackface" pumpkin seeds

Cleaned off "snackface" seeds ready for roasting!

“Seed” you soon!

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We have finished with our 2017 growing season. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a great success!

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