All good things must come to an end.

Well, it’s true. Before we can even blink, strawberry season is ending. It was a great season for strawberries this year…the strawberries were practically jumping into our baskets!! We will have our last pick of the season today before CANADA DAY. It seems so sad as we are usually enjoying a full crop of strawberries on this week-end. We did start picking at a record early time this year on the 9th of June so it makes sense that we are also ending early. A typical strawberry season lasts about 21-28 days and today will be day 22 for our farm. It always makes me feel a little sad though!

None the less. We have been and will be picking some lovely raspberries for the next week and a half or two and I do see some evidence of our pumpkins forming so there is something to look forward to for the fall!

A tiny pumpkin starting to grow!

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