Sunday June 24th

What a beautiful morning!

6am this morning. There was a thin cloud hanging right over the fields. Beautiful.

The sun is shining and we’ve still got LOTS of strawberries! I thought that we would be out by now for sure but here we are again! (Please see our hours of operation on the right sidebar).  We will also have a few extra goodies at the farm today as there will be a couple of extra local vendors selling their goods and Roger James will be here again to keep us entertained!

We had so much fun yesterday after a rainy start to the day.  Our friends were all here as well as a few new ones:

Fruition Farm Strawberry Sorbetto made especially for us! Thanks Mia Gelatto!

This stuff is seriously addictive. You’ll have to head down to the MIO GELATTO store as I understand that they are making more of it while strawberries are in season!

Mr. Roger James…

Roger James in action!

We even had an unexpected visitor in the field. (sorry for the quality of the picture, he wouldn’t stay still!)

We're not too far from the water and this turtle was found wandering through the field yesterday!

We hope that you and your family can join us today for another day of fun and strawberries!

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