What a day!

Whew! What a great day! It was the perfect combination of sun and a cool breeze and lots of berries! Everyone was in the spirit of strawberry season including this lovely lady who came out this morning to pick:

This happy customer had strawberries on her shoes, nails, hair shirt and shorts! That's the spirit!

We have had some gorgeous berries come out of the field the past couple of days and I can’t help but smile when I see just the perfect basket.

What a perfect looking flat of strawberries!

More beautiful berries. (all picked by a group of three people to save for the winter)

A wagon load of pickers coming in from the field today. Look at all the loaded baskets on the wagon!

Of course, if you didn’t feel like picking today, we had some pre-picked strawberries for sale and if you notice in the photo below CARD’S Bakery Pound Cakes! What a perfect combo!

CARDS Bakery Pound Cakes and FRUITION Berry Farm Strawberries are a perfect combo!

And lastly, there was a welcome addition to the farm today with the COLD water, juice and freezies sale tent! ¬†These items are being sold by a couple of volunteers (friends) at the farm. ¬†They won’t be on-site every day but they have promised to be there tomorrow (Father’s Day) to help us stay cool!

Available Saturday and Sunday to keep you cool while picking!

Hope to see everyone soon!

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