A Bumper Crop!

It was another beautifully warm and plentiful day on the farm…after we dried up a bit from last night’s rainfall! (note the puddles in the picture)

Nothing but blue skies today!

I have decided that we officially have a “bumper crop” ! Thanks Jason for the link! I really didn’t know where that saying came from but in our case it holds true…well at least the part about a harvest which is so large that it swells the baskets and containers used to ship things to market. There is no shortage of strawberries this year!

On a different note, it was also a very exciting day! Our new play structure has arrived!! A big thanks to North Country Sheds for doing such a fantastic job!

Unloading the first piece.

Here comes the wagon!

Putting it all together!

Happy customers!

Of course, this play structure arrived today just in time for our daughter’s 3rd birthday. We were thinking of telling her it was here birthday present, but thought that might be a little unfair!

Grant and Lilly checking out the "new equipment".

Instead, we do owe a big thank you to our friends Pat and Ita for helping us celebrate Lilly’s birthday with a cake made by Madison. Check it out:

Those are rows of strawberry plants with tiny hand made strawberries on them. Grant and Lilly had fun eating all the "berries"

All in all, another busy and successful day!


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