We love a good rain!

Well, I am assured now that people really love our strawberries! We had several people out yesterday in the rain to pick their own berries! What fun!

Picking strawberries in the rain!

This was a much needed rain. Everything on the farm looks so lush and green after a rain! Even next year’s crop of strawberries were perked right up enjoying the moisture.

Nice straight rows of new berry plants loving the moisture from yesterday's rain!

I also loved watching the storm clouds roll in in the evening. The last customers made it out of the field at about 6:50pm because the sky started looking like this:

Around 6:50pm last night.

And finally the thunder and lightning and a real downpour! (sorry my camera skills are not the best..the shiny spots are not snow, just the reflection of my flash on the rain drops!)


Anyway, the strawberries will be growing extra big and juicy after the watering they had yesterday!

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