An early year?

Everyone has been asking me if  it’s going to be an early strawberry season. The answer is it’s too early to tell! Yes, we have taken off the straw a month earlier than usual however, the weather has since went back to more normal seasonal temperatures and so the plants have slowed down their growing too. The answer is still up to Mother Nature!

The earliest year on record for Paulridge Farm (Ken’s parents) has been opening on the 9th of June, and that has only happened once in about 35 years! Our normal aim is for around Father’s Day or mid-June. There have also been years when the farm has opened a little later in June, around the 24th, 25th.

The quick answer is: check back and we’ll keep you posted! Until then, we will keep dreaming of strawberry shortcake and the grinning strawberry stained faces of our kids coming from the field!

One happy customer!

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We have finished with our 2017 growing season. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a great success!

See you spring 2018 for STRAWBERRIES!

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Our farming practices try to find a balance between modern farming technologies and low-impact biological methods: ensuring that we take care of our natural environment for future generations.

Please enjoy the fruits of our labour!

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